Port City Corvettes

Home of Charleston's premier Corvette enthusiast club

How to become a member

Port City Corvette Club is always open to new CORVETTE OWNING members. However there are By laws which include but aren’t limited to the following:

1.All meetings will open with the Lord’s Prayer in unison.
2. Membership fee is $200.
3. Any member that leaves the club after 3 months and decides to rejoin must pay a $300 rejoining fee.
Monthly dues are $25. For NEW members dues are NOT due the first month your membership is, monthly dues begin the following month.
4.Monthly Dues don’t go towards club savings account.
5. A “year” is considered June through May, and officers will be elected every 2 years.
6. Meetings are held every 3rd Saturday of the month, or as necessary, phone meetings can be called.
7. All members are expected to drive their Corvette at local functions.
8. Any money borrowed from the Treasurer (for Road repair etc) must be paid back within 6 days, if it’s not payed back in full YOU WILL BE DISMISSED WITH NO RETURN.
9. Port City Shirts must be worn at all local functions, and when traveling.
10. For all members are required to sell 10 tickets.
11. At the discretion of the executive board any member that misses three meetings or two functions can be terminated.
12. Any member that looses their Corvette has 6 months to replace it. After 6 months the executive board reserves the right to decide if they should be allowed to stay in.
13. The balance of ticket money is due one week after the

If you feel as if you can handle the obligations listed above please fill out the form below with membership in the subject line about contacting us for membership opportunity.

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